To whom much is given, much is required...


As World Changers, we are required to give back a portion of what we are blessed with to enhance the kingdom of God!

Mr. Wallace builds the kingdom in 3 Ways.

International Development

Helping emerging nations reach their energy goals and initiatives while building the local economy through Workforce Development and Job Creation.

Urban Development

Working with municipalities and urban centers to create industry and income for the unemployed and underemployed. We do this by providing real-life training and skills to the community we serve.

Economic Development

Economic Empowerment is the key to ending racism, sexism, and gentrification. My goal is to teach people how to fish! Not just direct them to the POND!



What is Economic Empowerment?

Economic Empowerment is a process that one goes through, to increase one's access to and control over economic resources and opportunities.  This includes jobs, financial services, property, and other productive assets (from which one can generate and income) skills development, and market information.

This implies that in order to you to have a real impact,  you need to develop the necessary resources to carry out your mission in life.  We do this by focusing on 3 aspects of one's development:

  1. Mental Development
  2. Physical Development
  3. Spiritual Development

Mental Development:  We achieve this through our skills training program.  We teach portable skills that once they take root, they grow, and begin to produce fruit that changes one's life.

Physical Development:  We achieve this by implementing an exercise regiment, and a healthy diet, into one's daily routine.

Spiritual Development:  Four words.....

52 Principles to Power!


Solar Plus Battery Storage (Dominican Republic)

Host: Pasitos De Jesus girls orphanage

Problem:  Men in the surrounding community were jumping over the fence during the daily power outages.

Solution:  Provide solar power, storage, and resiliency, for the orphanage.

Technical Specifications: 

  • 6KW Solar
  • 500KWH Battery Storage
  • 250KW Diesel Generator

Solar Powered Water Purification (Puerto Rico)

ost: La Tierra de Lagos, Puerto Rico

Problem:  After the hurricane, Maria ransacked Puerto Rico, the outer villages had no clean running water.

Solution:  Provided solar-powered, water filtration system.  This system was mobile and provided clean water to the surrounding community.

Technical Specifications: 

  • 3KW Solar
  • 250KWH Battery Storage
  • Ulta Violet water cleaning system
  • DC power water pump

Solar Plus Storage and Lighting
(Liberia, West Africa)

BITHENERGY is currently helping Tubman University in Liberia, West Africa, identify cost-competitive renewable energy sources and strategies to tap into its immense renewable energy potential in solar, wind, hydropower and biomass technologies. The lack of a utility grid in Liberia means the University doesn’t have access to reliable, cheap power. Tubman has been powered by generators and spends a large amount of money on diesel fuel.

Solar Generation and Lighting (Ivory Coast)

Host: Ivory Coast

Problem:  Villages experience frequent power outages and overall instability in the existing electrical grid.

Solution:  Provide solar power, storage, resiliency, and solar lighting.

Technical Specifications: 

  • 2MW Solar
  • 500KWH Battery Storage
  • 500KW Diesel Generator

Solar Plus Storage Resiliency Center
(Baltimore, MD)

The POWER House is the first solar powered, community-based resiliency hub in the nation. Powerhouse is one of three community resiliency hubs in the city that Power 52 has helped to create with the support of a $250,000 grant from the Maryland Energy Administration. The two other resiliency hubs are located at the UA House is on East Fayette Street and the Patterson Park Youth Sports and Education Center is on Linwood Ave in Baltimore.

Day of Hope (Baltimore, MD)

The Day Of Hope was created after some Baltimore City Pastors were doing ride alongs with police. They met some people on the street that were in desperate need. These people had not connected to the resources that were readily available to them. Some of these resources included ministry, hospitals, clinics, financial help, jobs, haircuts, and clothing. This list continues on and on.

We created the Day of Hope to help meet the short and long-term needs of the community through collaborations.


Youth Entrepreneur (Tucson, AZ)

Rob Wallace partnered with a 10-year-old youth entrepreneur to provide 37 crocheted bunnies with individual prayers stuffed inside. Each bunny was hand made and delivered to the Pasitos De Jesus Orphanage as part of their Easter Celebration.



Solar Development and Clean Energy

Interesting in developing clean and renewable energy solutions for the church, a specific mission, orphanage, or outreach initiative? Reach out to Power52 Energy Solutions to see what renewable options are available today!!