The training’s first cohort consists of 40 persons throughout the Territory.

Participants will undergo this comprehensive full-time training in basic fundamentals, classroom theory, laboratory projects and fieldwork.

HLSCC’s Workforce Training Division CPDCE Manager, Mrs Veronique Forbes-King said, “As the Territory advances to clean green alternative options, this training will prepare and cover basic principles and technical skills in developing and maintaining solar-powered energy systems.”

Students enrolled in the training are expected to obtain an in-depth knowledge in Construction Basics & Safety, Solar 101 & Maintenance, Project Management, Life & Leadership Skills, and other components relevant to solar energy.

Mrs Forbes-King added that upon successful completion of the programme and certification exams, graduates will attain certifications from the National Center for Construction Education & Research, North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners, and Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

HLSCC is proud to partner with Power52 CEI in providing this immersive training that will develop locally trained certified technicians.